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I have been involved in the BDSM Lifestyle for almost 20 years and a Professional Dominatrix for over a decade. I co-owned a Dungeon in Boston. Managed Doma Studio in Den Haag, worked in Dungeons in France, the Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Germany, I have My own private Fully Equipped Play-space in Birmingham and I'm a featured Domme at Atlanta Dungeon. I've also toured extensively throughout America/Europe, all Documented and provable.

I have recently returned to The United States after three years of Professional Domination in the European Union. It gave me great pleasure to Dominate the fetishists, submissives and slaves of France, Belgium , Holland, Germany and Norway. While I was living in Europe I was the subject of many Magazine and Newspaper articles and pictorials including include Massad Magazine, Nylonzine & Den Haag Central. I stared in the Kiel Fetisch Film Festival Award Wining "Peitscht und Geschlagen Schwanz Gefoltert" shot in the world famous Doma Studios in Den Hagg Holland. I also published a collection of my Scene related poetry, currently available for purchase at Amazon. The title of the book is “Relationship Residue”. In addition to My poetry, it also contains photographs by visual artist Robert Darklight of Belgium and a work by the American alternative poet, Kirk Griffith.

Domination Nation Feature Interview

Mistress Ann

Name and City:

Mistress Ann, Birmingham, Alabama. Formerly of Munich, Germany.

Your favorite Fetish/Specialty:

It would be very difficult for me to choose just one. I'm a true aficionado of CBT, complete transformation, and corporal punishment. I am endorsed (AKA American Representative) by the Danish company Spanksticks "Latex Canes"; awarded the European fetish toy of the year. I'm always on the lookout for test subjects.

Your favorite type of Session:

This is a difficult question, I enjoy so many different types of play. My absolute favorite form of domination is to push and break down a submissive's emotional walls, bringing them into true subspace. I use many different techniques to achieve my goal, depending upon my submissive's interests. I often mix CBT with strap-on play and a healthy dose of verbal humiliation to get the old endorphins firing! Once we reach the promised land of Dom/sub space I can truly begin to shape and mold a submissive's heart and mind!

Favorite Punishment:

Forced Chastity; If I am truly seeking to punish a slave it is always done through a mixture of abandonment, lack of attention, silence, and the major factor, forced chastity.

Your biggest Pet Peeve:

Wankers, wankers, wankers!

How did you find the Domination life?

I would say Dominance found me. As a child my parents always encouraged me to be a free thinker, perhaps a little too free when it came to Dominating the boys in my classes. I was expelled from Montessori school due to spanking and disciplining my classmates.

How important is it to ask questions to a slave that wishes to serve you?

Very, there has to be mutual enjoyment- a sharing of fetish interests- otherwise why play? My main goal is to make certain there is the potential for Dom/sub space is to happen. I don't accept just anyone as a slave because they want to be my property. They have to earn my respect, honor and trust to be welcome in my Dungeon!

Should you know any method of CPR?

Yes, I believe it is important that a Dominatrix knows CPR. I stay current with the Red Cross in CPR and first aid.

Why is training important instead of just jumping right in?

How good do you believe the cuisine would be at an elegant, world-class, well advertised, dining establishment if the head chief had never been trained? Unfortunately this is exactly the experience many submissives have with numerous Professional Dominatrices in the business these days. These multipurpose sex-workers motto is, "I say I am therefore I am!" This thought process might be interesting in a sophomore philosophy class, however, it can lead to real trouble in a Dungeon! It is very important to find a mentor with quality references (national) and learn to be a Dominatrix. I spent two years earning my Leather and do not regret a second of it!

How has being a Pro Domme changed over the years? Has it been for the better?

I believe it all changed in and during the great financial crash of 2007 - 2008. What had been a reasonably small, and to some degree, close-knit Sisterhood of Professional Dommes became a bloated carcass filled with displaced sex-workers who were looking for any way to earn a dollar. Suddenly we had pornstar Dommes and facesitting became considered part of a Dominatrices skill set! "Oh please you mean ol' Domme whatever you do don't sit on my face!"

What can others who want to someday achieve the same level of status as You do to improve their skills?

Attend as many classes, workshops and seminars as you possibly can. Get involved with quality people in your local community, there are presentations going on at conventions and Dungeons all over the world. Travel as much as you can, working in other Dungeons opens you up to so many new learning experiences...some good, some not so good, but the road changes you. Find a Mentor. In the Birmingham/Atlanta area both my Sisters and I at Atlanta Dungeon offer apprenticeships to select aspiring Dominatrices.

How has your international experience helped You in Your lifestyle?

I am a German-American Dominatrix with kink flowing through the branches of my family tree. I have a famous Great Great Aunt from Huntsville Alabama named Madame Mollie Teal, whose bordello house was donated to the city, and at her request it became the original Huntsville hospital. I am proud to admit that I am more of a European Leather Mistress in style than your typical American Professional Dominatrix. I mix that classic European-German Dominatrix flare with a Southern Woman's slow, sweet, style...scatter it and smother it then believe me, it's an experience to behold!

How has social media and digital marketing impacted the lifestyle? What do You see as the benefits and drawbacks?

The internet in general from "Prodigy" on is responsible for great changes in the Lifestyle, of that there is no question. It brought the first wave of swingers on us, which many including my partner, believe to have been akin to a plague of locust. Fortunately many good people found the Lifestyle through the almost limitless information about BDSM found there. It is and always has been a double edged sword. I can do a photo shoot with my favorite Photographer "Goblin Fruit" and in a day or two have the edited photos sent to me, ready for the gallery on my website, accessible to millions of potential clients. There are also thousands of imitation Dommes doing cam, video and phone all designed to keep potential clients "strangling the serpent" in front of the monitor and out of the Dungeon!

What would be Your one piece of advice for aspiring ProDoms?

Get the hell out of bed and go to work! If you don't have a strong work ethic go back to Taco Bell. I have been involved in the BDSM Lifestyle for almost 20 years and a Professional Dominatrix for over a decade. I co-owned a Dungeon in Boston. Managed Doma Studio in Den Haag, worked in Dungeons in France, the Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Germany, I have My own private Play-space in Birmingham and I'm a featured Domme at Atlanta Dungeon. I've also toured extensively throughout America/Europe and I have never seen one Dominatrix make it in this business who was afraid to work!

Where can your future slaves find you?

My personal Website is www.Mistress-Ann.com and I'm listed on the Atlanta Dungeon Website at www.AtlantaDungeon.com. I am the Author of "Relationship Residues" a book of scene-related poetry and photographs by the Belgian artist Robert Darklight. Those seeking a copy can find one on Amazon. I'm also an advertiser on Hogspy.com, where slaves can stay up to date on my travels.

I welcome newcomers. Beginners are especially encouraged to seek entrance into My world. We in the Lifestyle all began under the tutelage of a Teacher/Mentor, if not, we should have. Being under the direction and correction of an experienced Dominant is, in my opinion, the ONLY way to fully understand the powerful importance of protocol and the intense pleasures of submission. Dominating submissives and slaves gives Me great personal pleasure. We in the Lifestyle seek Dommespace/subspace: our minds, bodies and souls share a perfect union through the pleasures and discipline of Kink!

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